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I hope that you are all  physically, mentally, spiritually, financially, and socially, safe, healthy, happy and sane at this pretty bonkers time in our lives and in this transition into a new world! It is time again for our Monthly Meditation Circle, and I’m sad we can’t be together in physical closeness but as the great Albert Einstein once said, “Our separation from each other is an optical illusion of consciousness.” We are perhaps even closer now, on virtual reality than we ever were before! I hope you will all use this opportunity to join me in connecting our spirits and our hearts to heal our selves and the collective consciousness of every being. 

As usual, please have a journal handy, as well as any spiritual talismans that are significant to you along with crystals. I always like to set the mood with candles, incense, and burning sage. 

Below are just some reflections I wanted to share with you all before our meeting.

What is free will? This debate as old as time leaves doubt that we are not free to make decisions out of pure will or emotional freedom. Lately, I’ve noticed that the more I do my inner work, the less free will I seem to have! This is because there are layers and layers or lessons and experiences learned across lifetimes and many generations. Not only do predetermination and destiny come into play, but our own patterns, cycles, traumas, and subconscious beliefs. I am discovering that old and present relationships that have some negative energy also hold me hostage, and I am unable to free myself from that experience and make choices purely for myself. Sometimes it is my own trauma and baggage that seems to impact my decision making or clarity of mind. Somehow, for every small thought, feeling, or belief, I find huge anchors that hold me down. How am I free to make my choice or determine the direction of my life, when I am always influenced by and controlled by these forces? 

One incredibly powerful way to regain control is to transmute these forces by healing, forgiving, and releasing them. Relationships also have powerful bondages. We can do the same for those harmful relationships by cutting our karmic attachments and traumas. In this meditation circle we will focus on letting go and cutting cords with aspects of ourselves and/or others to achieve emotional freedom! See you there! 

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