Deep Rooted Therapy

My therapeutic approach focuses on helping you understand yourself and develop a compassionate relationship with your Self. Using spiritual/metaphysical concepts, intuitive messages, humor and gentleness, I will help you identify blind spots and clear obstacles towards your ideal life. And along the way, I can teach you how to connect and integrate all parts of your Self, empower you and give you tools such as powerful meditation, grounding, and self healing energy work.

I enjoy working with people from various backgrounds and various concerns, such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, abuse and trauma, relationship difficulties, parenting problems, identity issues, and existential crises. With a holistic perspective, my approach is spiritual and growth oriented as well as mindfulness and client centered.  Spiritual healing is an area of personal passion and expertise.

With me as your guide, you can learn to fall in love with your self, and, with compassion, self exploration and a safe space, you can find the freedom in true Self in all relationships and situations. While this type of therapeutic work can be intense and painful, you are often uprooting deeply engrained limiting belief systems, and therefore uprooting the source of the problems themselves. Book at 15 minute phone consultation today!

Individual Therapy

$ 180

per 50 minute session

Couple's Therapy

$ 200

per 50 minute session