Deep Rooted Therapy

My therapeutic approach is a holistic one. This is because we are so much more than just our thoughts or our present predicament. When a client comes into my space, I don’t assume they are just exactly what I see them to be: their presentation, their attire, manner of speech, their attitude, etc. I know that the client is way more than that. In addition to all of those things, a client is also a product of their childhood, the parenting they received, the traumas they’ve faced, the experiences they’ve had, the chemicals in their systems, the nutrition they have, their metabolism, their hormone levels, their blood sugar levels, the arguments they’ve had that day or before, their sense of humor, their spiritual outlook, their coping skills, their support systems, and so on and so forth.

I address the mental health and wellbeing of a person where all parts are actually interconnected like the branches of a tree rather than as a separate category from the rest of our issues. The mind is deeply connected with the spirit, the body, and emotions and the cumulation of the past experiences in each of those categories. By addressing all parts of a presenting issue we can really get to the root of the problem to understand its origins and uproot it completely by healing it and integrating life lessons. 

I believe everything in our life happens for a reason; usually to teach us important lessons towards our evolution (I.e. towards self-actualization). For instance, perhaps we get into an argument with our partners about loading the dishwasher. We may be convinced that there is no life lesson there, but the truth is that beneath our dishwasher argument is a belief system, fear or insecurity. So if my argument is that you must first rinse the dishes off before loading them into the machine, and you tell me, “No I won’t do that”, the resulting emotion may anger and frustration. Digging deeper, we understand that behind my anger is my trigger: I don’t feel heard or valued. No one wants their deepest fears to be confirmed; What if I really AM not worthy to be seen or valued? How dare you confirm what I fear is true? I need to fight this because I need to convince myself it’s not true.

However, if you told me, ‘Hey, I know you’d like me to rinse the dishes off before loading them but I don’t have the bandwidth or time to do that before I go to work in the morning’, I might actually be fine with that because I feel like you care about what I have to say and you value me enough to consider what I have to say. My fears are not true. The solution within ourselves is to heal the wounds causing the insecurity of feeling unseen or unvalued. So now we’d try to probe into where this belief that I am not worthy of these things stemmed from and where else does this lack show up in my life.

In this way we are addressing the root of the issue, all the ways it shows up, and all parts of you that are impacted by this.

Individual Therapy

$ 220

per 50 minute session

Couple's Therapy

$ 250

per 50 minute session

Family Therapy

$ 300

per 50 minute session