Just Breathe: Loving the Child Within



Workshop Details:

What: Breathwork and Meditation to Heal and Release Inner Child Wounds

When: Sunday, Dec 10 9am-12pm; Please register by Dec 5th!

Where: A Healing Place Wellness:

841 Blossom Hill Road Suite 112-A
San Jose, CA 95123

Who: Ashwini Addala, LMFT and Emily Kritzer, Breathwork Facilitator will be leading the event. You will be our honored guests.

Hello! My name is Ashwini Addala and I am a licensed marriage and family therapist, spiritual mentor and energy healer. I am joined for this event by Emily Kritzer, Breathwork Facilitator, for a combined meditation and breath-work journey specifically designed for women and womxn, who want to access and heal their Inner Child.

The Inner Child is a part of us that is emotionally suspended or fractured at an age where certain belief systems developed or Trauma/trauma was experienced. In my practice as a psychotherapist, I focus on the different parts of our Self that make up a whole Self. The Inner Child is one part that is often also the Wounded Self and often times is also the part of us that feels unseen, unaccepted, undervalued and/or unloved. My own Inner Child has been calling my attention as of late, making itself known by the anger, anxiousness and sadness I feel when triggered by conversations or events. By showing itself to me via my emotions, my Inner Child is “asking” me to work through memories and fears of rejection, abuse, and confusion from childhood that still impact me today, and, when I do work through them and heal the pain bodies and pain points of the past, I feel released, more loved, less fearful, and I can live more freely, accepting and loving myself for all of my parts and being.

Emily and I are so looking forward to helping you access your beautiful inner children in a safe, warm, nurturing environment. The best part is that you don’t even have to know what your Inner Child is or needs from you before the workshop. Emily and I will lovingly guide you through each step duyring the workshop. When you arrive at the workshop you can expect to check old roles, identities and expectations of your self, put on a whole new identity and clear out the old hurts and wounds from your earlier life. (Snacks will be provided)

Please make sure to bring with you :

  • yoga mat
  • blanket/pillow
  • eye mask
  • journals and writing implements
  • water

For any other questions please reach out to me at Ashwini@addalamft.com or text me at 510-516-3748

For payment, please use this product page to use PayPal, or Zelle @ashwiniNaddala@gmail.com. Thank you!

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