Just Breathe(Everyone): Healing for the Inner Child



Workshop Details: For All Adults (18+)

What: Breathwork, Somatic Exercises, Vagus Nerve Restoration and Meditation to Heal and Release Old Pain-bodies and Wounds

When: Friday, Jan 26 3pm-7pm

Where: A Healing Place Wellness:

841 Blossom Hill Road Suite 112-A
San Jose, CA 95123

Who: Ashwini Addala, LMFT and Emily Kritzer, Breathwork Facilitator will be leading the event. You will be our honored guests.

Hello! My name is Ashwini Addala and I am a licensed marriage and family therapist, spiritual mentor and energy healer. I am joined for this event by Emily Kritzer, Breathwork Facilitator, for a combined meditation and breath-work journey specifically designed for anyone who wants to access and heal their Inner Child.

This workshop is designed to address childhood traumas and wounding that impacts mental health, emotional regulation, our triggers, coping skills and our everyday decisions from what we wear or what we eat, to who we are attracted to or even our career paths. I, along with my co-host, Emily Kritzer, will be taking participants deep into their psyche, employing proven somatic and vagus nerve releasing exercises, breath-work to increase release pain and trauma and increase connection to Self, and a mystical guided journey to directly address and heal childhood wounding.

This is an extremely powerful exercise and simulates the effects of plant medicines such as psilocybin without ever consuming anything psychedelic by tapping into the breath. Some types of breathwork can stimulate DMT, a naturally occurring chemical associated with psychedelics such as psilocybin, that creates intense visual hallucinations, enhancing the already potent experience of the guided journey.

Other similar journeys will be offered in the future for other groups and populations. This specific workshop open to everyone!

Please make sure to bring with you :

  • yoga mat
  • blanket/pillow
  • eye mask
  • journals and writing implements
  • water

For any other questions please reach out to me at Ashwini@addalamft.com or text me at 510-516-3748

For payment, please use this product page to use PayPal, or Zelle @ashwiniNaddala@gmail.com. Thank you!

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