Wildfire: Part 1



Wildfire: When Love Just Isn’t Enough: Emotional Intimacy

Cost: $300/couple per workshop

OR $750 per couple for all 3 workshops ($150 discount)!!

Location: 841 Blossom Hill Rd Suite 112-A, San Jose, CA 95123

Do you ever miss the “spark” or excitement of a brand new relationship? Is something just missing in your relationship? Perhaps too much has happened within the relationship to really feel vulnerable with your partner still. Or maybe everything is “fine” but you just want to feel a deeper sense of connection and bonding. And/or a deeper meaning and passion in your sex life?!

Sometimes, when we fall in love with someone we feel like that love will be enough to make the relationship thrive. But… Love is not enough. Love is not enough to feel safe and vulnerable with someone, even after you really f*cked up, big time. Love is not enough when you’re dealing with in-laws, trauma, habits, forgetfulness, mental health issues, conflicting values and beliefs, conflicting parenting styles, lifestyle expectations, sex drive, etc. Love alone isn’t enough. And the “spark” often turns scary, into an uncontrollable wildfire that is your relationship.

With therapy and practice, you can truly take your relationship from a devastating wildfire to a sexier burning that is a wildfire of love. And it all starts with emotional intimacy.

Emotional intimacy refers to the closeness and connection between individuals on an emotional level. It involves sharing feelings, thoughts, and vulnerabilities with someone in a way that fosters trust, understanding, and mutual support. Emotional intimacy goes beyond surface-level interactions and involves a deep sense of connection, empathy, and openness between individuals. It is a crucial element to any relationship, romantic or not. And, unfortunately, it doesn’t always happen spontaneously or naturally. It takes time, effort, and the learning and practicing new skills.

In PART 1 of this workshop, we will be focusing on everything related to emotional intimacy, including trust, safety, vulnerability, etc, AND I will be teaching you the skills it takes to really deepen your intimacy.

In this workshop, some of the overarching topics that will be covered include:

  • Verbal Communication and Skills
  • Nonverbal Communication and skills
  • Active Listening and Speaking skills
  • Spirituality of Relationships

Activities include:

  • Discussions/Class
  • Practices and Feedback
  • Games
  • Process Circle
  • Guided Meditation

If you’d like to sign up for a single workshop at $300 per couple, please add product to cart or send a zelle payment to: 51051603748. If you would like to sign up for all 3 parts or just 2 parts of the workshop series, please send me an email to ashwini@addalamft.com with your name and number of workshop parts you’d like to attend.

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