I liked that she had a spiritual element too along with traditional therapy. I needed more help than just practical, textbook level therapy. She helped me recognize patterns and long running negative beliefs. She taught me meditation techniques and many other skills to learn how to cope and solve problems by going within.


Transformative, life altering and evolutionary. Ashwini truly lives up to her name for Deep Rooted Therapy; she solves problems from all angles and in all realms, 3D, 5D, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.


(Ashwini) is so wonderful and relatable. She is able to take very difficult situations and help in understanding what you want as an individual while not making it seem like a decision or a rushed time line in any way.


In the time that I have been attending sessions with Ashwini, I believe that she has challenged me in ways that have promoted healing and have pushed me towards unlocking my full potential.