I liked that she had a spiritual element too along with traditional therapy. I needed more help than just practical, textbook level therapy. She helped me recognize patterns and long running negative beliefs. She taught me meditation techniques and many other skills to learn how to cope and solve problems by going within.


Transformative, life altering and evolutionary. Ashwini truly lives up to her name for Deep Rooted Therapy; she solves problems from all angles and in all realms, 3D, 5D, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.


I've never had a therapeutic experience where I felt safe and seen. Thanks to you (Ashwini) I am truly healing now and this is the best I've ever felt in my whole life. I actually have peace.


Ashwini is good. Like real good. I've had other therapists before but we never got this deep. The Ashwini school of thinking has really changed my way of thinking. I am able to stay calm and slow down in order to really respond.


I look forward to my sessions. (Ashwini's) candor is appreciated and forces me to see myself and honor myself.


In the time that I have been attending sessions with Ashwini, I believe that she has challenged me in ways that have promoted healing and have pushed me towards unlocking my full potential.