What does it take to really, truly, stand up in your power, in your light, in your fully embodied self? To become the light and to shine brighter and steadier? It takes facing your own darkness. It takes intense determination and healing wounds and belief systems around worth, around trust, safety, family, friends…it takes healing belief systems around what it means to be alive in this three dimensional world, in a body that doesn’t cooperate, with a mind that is erratic at best, and where pain seems like the only constant and loneliness a stray thought away. It takes community, guidance, and mentors, and healers to guide you and hold you in sacred space as you let go of painful memories and traumas.

Over the past several years, I have been on wild, intense awakening through all the layers of my Self, learning to see and witness what I am, what I thought I was, what I was afraid to be, and what I had been. There were times I wished that the darkness would just take my life once and for all, and other times when I felt as expansive as the cosmos itself, the feeling of being blissful consciousness itself. To say that this was an incredibly painful time is an understatement. Not only was I coping with a painful past of this life, but confronting my worst fears about my own smallness, unworthiness, and safety. 

I’ve come to realize that what I thought was “personality” really is a collection of my beliefs and fears from lifetimes past. I’ve come to realize that almost all of our negative human experiences and belief systems come down to just a few core topics—worth, safety, alone-ness, and trust—all relating to the multitude versions of our Self (I.e. physical, sexual, emotional, mental, spiritual etc ), and in relation to our Self, others, the world around us and the Universe and Spirit. Following my massive spiritual awakening, I find myself more in connection with the my spirit-self, perhaps the truest, most powerful form of self.

Pure Joy, Purpose, Clarity, Freedom, Confidence, Empowerment, and Peace.

When was the last time you felt all of that?

You don’t have to navigate this on your own, as I did. With me as an experienced, supportive spiritual mentor and licensed therapist as your guide, a clear path to a deeply satisfying life appears. With spiritual mentorship, you build the bridge from where you are today to the rich, magical life you deserve.

Are you feeling held back? Stuck?

You are in the right place. You deserve a rewarding, meaningful, and joy-filled life.
But how? It can feel like there is a huge chasm between how you experience life today and what you want to experience. Crossing this chasm is especially hard when you feel alone, make guesses, take falls, and hit walls. Uncertainty, anxiety about the future, trauma from the past, unending cyclical patterns — it is a lot!